Meet 4D Hockey and Petr Tichy, Head Skill Development Instructor

Petr is the owner of 4D Hockey Training, the leading hockey training program in the Detroit metro area. A technical specialist on ice-specific training, Petr is known for creating detailed hockey training plans that are customized for every individual, from youths who are new to the sport to professional hockey players.

Petr was a career hockey player in the AAA Junior and European professional leagues. Trained and raised for the game of hockey in his hometown of Plzen in the Czech Republic, Petr attended a Czech sports school for 10 years where he learned the European teaching techniques and skills that have been used to prime talented Czech Olympians and NHL superstars.

Petr has 15 years of experience teaching, training, and coaching youth hockey players, but he works with hockey players of all ages and levels, including house, AAA, National Hockey League (NHL), USA Hockey (USAH), the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), college, and prospective NHL players. 

Petr also serves as the head skills development instructor for Rolston Hockey Academy in Detroit, the Little Caesers AAA Hockey Club skills coach, and the skills development coach for Patrik Stefan prospective NHL clients. Petr is fluent in Czech, English, Russian, and Slovak.